A Prescription Error Can Cause Serious Harm

Prescription medication can deliver favorable results when administered properly. Unfortunately, all important considerations are not always made when prescribing medication, and patients can often end up with adverse side effects or serious complications.

At Winckler & Harvey, LLP, located in Austin, our prescription error attorneys represent individuals who have suffered an illness or injury due to errors made by pharmacies, pharmacists, medical professionals or hospitals. This includes those made by employees of government-run agencies such as military and VA hospitals.

We have represented injury victims of medical malpractice cases, for decades. Our firm's knowledge of this highly nuanced area of law coupled with our ability to work one-on-one with our clients has helped us obtain maximum compensation for a wide range of clients.

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Protect Your Health And Well-Being With Help From Texas Medication Negligence Attorneys

Pharmaceutical injuries could be due to negligence on part of the producer of prescription medication, the pharmacy or pharmacist that fulfilled a prescription, or the physician that prescribed the medication.

Serious injury can result when medication is not handled with extreme care including consideration of its proper dosage and interaction with other medication or disorders. You may have a medical malpractice case if:

  • You were prescribed the wrong medication
  • You were prescribed the wrong dose or were given the wrong dose when in the hospital
  • The medication you were given had preventable side effects when mixed with other medication you were taking
  • The effects of medication were not monitored to ensure proper adjustments could be made

Some serious medication injuries are caused by simple misreading of handwriting or the use of improper abbreviations on prescriptions. It is crucial that you work with our experienced lawyers if you have suffered from a prescription error.

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