Advocates For Victims Of Construction Site Injuries

Our lawyers have handled and achieved significant recoveries for many employees and independent contractors that received injuries at construction sites or Texas oilfields. Construction sites have heavy machinery, dangerous tools and a great many situations that can result in an injury if OSHA precautions aren't taken and proper training or supervision isn't in place. Oil and gas industry sites are particularly dangerous places with a high incidence of explosions and other on site accidents resulting in injuries or death.

When an accident occurs at a job site, there are two types of claims that can provide compensation. A workers compensation claim is typically filed and settlements are obtained from the insurance company that covers the employer. In addition, a third party lawsuit may be filed against a defective product manufacturer or sub-contractor that has additional liability for the construction site accident injury. For example, if an electrical sub-contractor has finished its work, and is supposed to turn off the power, but does not, a sheet rocker who is electrocuted may have a workers compensation claim and a third party lawsuit against the sub-contractor. Investigation is often necessary to prove a claim. In one such case, our Austin Texas personal injury law firm was able to obtain a substantial recovery in Brazos County when our construction site personal injury lawyers were able to prove that negligent handling of oil field equipment resulted in an explosion, which injured the plaintiff.

If you have a construction site injury the attorneys at our Austin Texas law firm have the experience and skills necessary to evaluate and handle your case. We urge you to call our toll free number 888-640-1800 or contact our personal injury law firm to schedule an appointment. There is no fee unless a recovery is achieved.