Jay Winckler is the only attorney in Travis County that I have found with the integrity to take a case not just because he can, but because he considers the facts and decides if it is a case that he believes in.  He gives his honest opinion based on thorough research.  Mr. Winckler has knowledge that comes from experience and success and he is well respected in the legal community.  The legal profession is better because of Mr. Winckler and the value that he provides in his efforts to seek justice.  I was very proud to have Mr. Winckler represent me and succeed on my behalf.  Sincerely, Kim

Hello Jay, Thank you....Thank you....Thank you!!!  This is a bittersweet moment due to my situation, but sweet because it allowed me to meet some wonderful people over the last few years.  I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to this case and your trust in me.  When everyone (including me) thought it was a lost cause, you continued to push for results.  I am and Iwill be forever grateful for your loyalty and friendship!!  Best regards, Marsha

Thank you for all that you guys have done for our family.  May God be with all of ya'll.  Once again thank you very much.  From the Diaz Family

Dear Jay Harvey,  I want to thank you for believing in me and my injury case.  Your time and efforts are very appreciated.  Your kindness will always be remembered.  Thank you!  Mark & Sherri

Dear Mr. Winckler,  First of all, thank you for all the work that you have done on my behalf, and for taking the case when after several inquiries I was not able to get anyone to help me.  Thanks for taking a chance on me knowing how difficult it is to get money out of the VA.  I do get satisfaction that you were able to settle for the full amt. under Texas law.... I am not a greedy person and I have never had much money in spite of working all my life.  I will share this money with my grandkids for their college education, and be practical about how I spend what I have left.  Congratulations to you for the favorable outcome.  Yours truly, LC

Dear Jay, For your legal expertise, we are grateful.  For your kindness and compassion we greatly appreciate you.  Ann was also a pleasure.  Best Regards, Dale and David

Thank you Law Firm of Winckler & Harvey and all associated with our case.  We are the utmost appreciative with all your dedication, time and hard work.  Truly there are no words that can express our thanks.  May God bless you and your families.  John

Hello Reed, Thanks very much for all your help and time on our accident case. You made our lives simpler in dealing with the different aspects of the case. We especially thank you for your dedicated time and patience in answering all our questions (including on the weekends).  We express our sincere gratitude for all your efforts in talking to all the health care providers and insurance companies.  We are also very thankful for making all options available to us and helping us choose the appropriate option for the given circumstances.  Best regards, Sankara and Suganya

You are truly a man of honor, Reed, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for handling my case so quickly and in such an efficient and professional manner (in addition to your generous manner). Sincerely, Jake

Dear Jay, I want to thank you for how you and your staff handled my med mal case. Thank you for the kindness you showed me during a trying time, for handling my case with the utmost professionalism and for your attention to details that ultimately ended in our favor. I would highly recommend you to anyone going through such an ordeal. Thank you for providing me with closure on this. Best of luck to you, Janice

To: Jay - I highly appreciated the time and effort you spent handling my case and seeing it through to final completion. .....from start to finish, all of you involved in my case demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and expertise, which re-affirmed my confidence in you. Also, each of you treated me with respect, compassion, and understanding, which I appreciated very much. Sincerely, Edward

Mr. Winckler, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all that you and your law firm did for me. I finally have closure on a pain that occurred 6½ years ago and that means a lot to me. I will never forget your candor & kindness during the time I was your client. Also tell Ann and Reed that their work will not be forgotten. May God bless you all and may you have a great & Happy New Year! - Tom & Family

Thanks, Reed, I will continue to refer you to friends, etc. You did a great job in my case. - Don

Thanks so much for all that you do for us. May God shine on you and your family.
Love, Juanita & Tony

Dear Jay, There is no way I can ever express my gratitude for the excellent job you did of handling my case! You helped to put me at ease and prepared me so well for the deposition and the mediation. You so "know your stuff"! Your preparation was great! .... Your guidance through the whole process was invaluable! Thank you for your negotiation skills! ... you have begun to restore my faith in the justice system! Gwen

We are pleased to have the opportunity to praise the law firm of Winckler & Harvey. They went to work on our behalf giving our case the highest level of attention. They maintain a staff of quality, caring employees. Our family was very pleased with the outcome of our case. We proudly recommend the Winckler & Harvey law firm.
- Edna and Patsy

Dear Mr. Winckler, Thank you for your expertise and knowledge that led us so successfully through a very difficult trial. Your wise counsel, support and calm demeanor offered us most needed assurance as you guided us through territory obviously unfamiliar. Your availability and graciousness was much appreciated and your competency and eloquence during the trial phase was outstanding. Please express our appreciation to your excellent staff as well. - Everett and Marilyn

Dear Reed, Thank you so much for everything! You've made a huge difference in my life. I feel like I'm at a place now where I can move forward again. I think you may have saved my emotional sanity just by being so sweet and believing in me, even when things looked doubtful. I hope you realize what a wonderful thing it is that you do. - Lee Ann

Dear Mr. Winckler & Mr. Harvey, I'd like to thank your firm & your staff, especially Reed Teckenbrock for the way my husband's case was handled. His patience with our endless questions, and his skill are impressive and outstanding. Eva was also very kind and prompt in returning our phone calls.... I would recommend your firm to anyone. Thanks again, Kate

During a very dark time in our lives, the team at Winckler & Harvey treated Angela and me with respect, dignity and worth. We learned very early on that it isn't easy these days to get someone to pick up a Medical Malpractice case. It was through prayer that we were led to the Winckler & Harvey Law Firm.

From our very 1st phone call, we immediately felt comfortable with every member of their team, from the way we were greeted on the phone and in person by the receptionist, during that first meeting with Reed Teckenbrock, throughout all the depositions, both with Mr. Winckler and with Mr. Harvey, all the way through the trial and beyond with our trial attorney, Jay Winckler, and his awesome assistant, Ann. We were impressed with Mr. Winckler's professionalism, candor, and expertise.

We were continually amazed (and still are) at Mr. Winckler's ability to remember even the most minute details and his ability to recall those details at the precise moment during the hearings and trial to maximize the affect against the defendant's arguments that this was all somehow Angela's fault or that her injury was somehow the result of some underlying psychoses.

When we felt that the defendants simply treated us as less than human, Mr. Winckler and his team stood with us and did battle for us in an arena that we simply could not. Mr. Winckler has obviously answered his true calling in life, as he is well equipped to fight for his client(s) rights and dignity. Much more than that, Angela and I felt that Mr. Winckler was truly dedicated and devoted to us and personally and emotionally attached to us in our case. We felt that we had an advocate in Mr. Winckler individually and his team as a whole who truly cared about us and our well being and was willing to fight hard to win our case and convince a jury that what we had been saying all along was, in fact, the truth.

It has been said that money doesn't bring happiness, we believe this is true. But not having to worry about the continuous calls from bill collectors or worrying about the mortgage sure can ease a lot of stress and create an environment where we can be happy with where we are in our lives and marriage.

Thank you Winckler & Harvey, we will forever be grateful. Darrell

Attorney Testimonials

Jay and his partner, Jay Harvey, are great at what they do.  Lots of folks handle these - "they" have always followed thru and tried them 1st class - "they" should be getting all the med mal cases - Louis Bratton

Several years ago, I started referring cases to Jay Winckler, Jay Harvey and Reed Teckenbrock. Many of the cases were extremely complicated, very difficult and with some defendants outside the United States. I can say unequivocally that Winckler & Harvey have, without exception, in every case I have referred to them, obtained results far beyond my or my clients' expectations. However, in my opinion, the best feature about Winckler & Harvey is that they are not only brilliant and truly honest, but they are a genuine pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to any client at any time, and for any reason. Henry Newton Bell, III, Attorney at Law