Can Nurses Be Held Accountable For Errors?

When nurses are fully engaged in their work, do not suffer from fatigue and have adequate support in job performance, hospital patients receive better care. Unfortunately, many hospitals, including military and VA hospitals, suffer from inadequacies in staffing, and patients suffer the consequences.

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Texas Attorneys Handling Nurse Staffing Errors And Hospital Negligence

Hospitals may argue that a shortage in qualified nurses is what leads to understaffing or overworked nurses. In many cases, however, nurses choose to leave the profession due to high levels of stress and demands at work that feel impossible to meet. Nurses and their employers should be able to provide patients with quality service and avoid short staffing.

When they fail in this regard, they could be liable for medical malpractice injuries caused by:

  • Failure to monitor patient vital signs and condition
  • Failure to relay patient information to doctor or fellow nurses
  • Errors in administration of medication or anesthesia
  • Medical device errors
  • Performing procedures improperly
  • Failure to diagnose impending disorders or illnesses
  • Failure to treat existing illnesses or infections

Medical malpractice cases can be taken against the individual medical practitioner or against the facility that employs the negligent employee, depending on the cause of negligence. Perhaps an unqualified nurse was hired. Perhaps the hospital failed to recognize an administrative issue that caused errors.

Every case must be built on sound documentation and substantial evidence of the negligence that occurred. Make sure to work with an experienced lawyer at our firm to get the help you need.

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