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Effects of immunotherapy side effects may be severe

Unlike chemotherapy, the side effects related to immunotherapy are considered mild. However, years of study have given medical experts a firm understanding of chemotherapy side effects, making them very predictable. The same cannot be said of immunotherapy, which has led to a higher propensity for misdiagnosis in Texas and across the United States.

Immunotherapy has only recently gained significant acceptance among the medical community. Immunotherapy differs from chemotherapy in that instead of attacking the cancerous cells, it boosts the healthy cells that fight off cancer. Much like the results of immunotherapy, the side effects significantly differ from chemotherapy as well.

Complications associated with cesarean sections

Cesarean sections have become increasingly commonplace in recent years, with reporting that nearly 30 percent of all mothers now give birth through this method. While the planning of some C-sections occurs beforehand because, among other reasons, the mother had C-sections in the past, other C-sections happen under emergency circumstances.

Regardless of your reasoning for having a C-section, it is important that you understand the inherent risks involved in the procedure. While some of these risks apply to you directly, others concern your baby.

Study looks at post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome

Some people in Texas who have suffered from Lyme disease might also have experienced later symptoms that included fatigue, joint pain and brain fog. Despite this, the existence of post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome has remained in question since a test for it does not exist. Researchers at John Hopkins University have concluded that while test results may be the same for a healthy person and a person suffering from PTLDS, medical professionals can use self-reported symptoms to diagnose the condition.

The study examined 61 people who continued to suffer from symptoms after they were treated for Lyme disease in addition to 28 healthy people. Both groups had blood marker, neurological and other exams, and researchers found no difference in the test results. According to researchers, doctors should talk to patients who report symptoms that include headaches, numbness and tingling, and lower back pain when those patients show normal test results. If the patient has been treated for Lyme disease, it could be a case of PTLDS.

Women may not receive appropriate care after a heart attack

Texas residents may be aware that cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death for women. In fact, one-third of all female fatalities are attributed to cardiovascular disease. Research has found that women are more likely to die within a year after they experience a heart attack than than their male counterparts.

Part of the problem is that it is not usually believed that young women who are otherwise healthy can suffer heart attacks. Data from a Swedish study showed that the reason women were more likely to die within 12 months after experiencing a heart attack is because of the treatment they receive. For example, typical treatment for heart attacks that are caused by blocked coronary arteries include surgery. However, women were 34 percent less likely to undergo such a procedure. Women were also less likely to receive preventative medication than their male counterparts.

Prolonged treatment needed for severe Erb's palsy birth injury

Injuries to nerves heal slowly or not at all. When Texas physicians diagnose infants with Erb's palsy, months and sometimes years of therapy are needed to reduce paralysis and weakness caused by the condition. Erb's palsy describes an injury to the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves that connect the spinal cord with the shoulder, arm, and hand. Difficult or prolonged deliveries that stretch infants' necks can be a cause of this.

One or two babies out of every 1,000 births experience this injury to varying degrees. Neurapraxia is the mildest form. The stretched nerves usually heal in about three months. A more severe stretch called neuroma that results in scar tissue will likely result in some permanent damage. The most severe stretches cause ruptures which pull the nerves out of the spinal cord.

Common medical mistakes that can cause patients harm

When Texas residents are sick, they expect their healthcare professionals to help them with their ailments. However, they may be surprised to learn that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. This is because there are many different mistakes that doctors can make when treating their patients.

One error that can cause death is removing a breathing tube too fast after a patient has surgery. For example, one doctor said that a patient almost died after having his breathing tube removed due to swelling in the throat. This swelling caused the patient to be unable to breathe. As a result, the tube had to be reinserted. If it had not been, the patient could have potentially suffered brain damage. On the other hand, leaving tubes, such as a urinary catheter, in a patient could cause a serious infection which could result in greater harm.

Parental knowledge of risks to baby is important before procedure

Texas childbirth comes with risks to both mother and baby. Sometimes, those risks are due to less-than-ideal pre-natal care. Other times, it is the result of medical malpractice by the delivering doctor. It may arise because of information a physician does not share with the patient or how the doctor performed the intended procedure.

Baby’s arm permanently injured in childbirth

Was It Medical Malpractice Or Just A Bad Outcome?

Every medical procedure comes with risks. Even if the doctors, nurses and medical professionals involved do everything by the book, there is still a possibility of a bad outcome. On the other hand, some bad outcomes are the result of medical malpractice.

Determining whether an act of negligence caused the bad outcome is no simple task. However, there are a few hints that might indicate that wrongdoing occurred.

Understanding sepsis

Texas residents who have recently had an infection should know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that up to 3 million Americans receive a sepsis diagnosis annually. The condition will prove fatal for 15 to 30 percent of those who have been diagnosed.

According to the head of the Epidemiological Research and Innovations Branch at the CDC, sepsis is the body's extreme response to an infection. The reason that it can be fatal is because the inflammation and the lack of blood flow it causes can result in organ failure. A report that was released by the CDC reveals who may be most susceptible to developing the condition. According to the report, almost 80 percent of patients begin to develop sepsis away from the hospital. Seventy percent of sepsis patients had, in the recent past, received health care services or suffered from chronic medical conditions for which they need recurring medical care.

Male dermatologists more likely than females to be sued

Texas doctors may be interested in a study that found female dermatologists were less likely to face lawsuits than male dermatologists and that the reason seemed to hinge on better communication. According to a meta-analysis, female doctors offered more reassurance and encouragement and tended to get more patient input. There was a 250 percent higher chance that male physicians would be sued than female physicians.

The study examined more than 90,000 claims against various specialty physicians, including 1,084 against dermatologists. It found that around one-quarter of the lawsuits were filed against female physicians compared to almost 70 percent filed against male physicians. Doctors in group practices were less likely to be sued compared to doctors with solo practices, and doctors at large medical institutions were the least likely to be sued.

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