When Gallbladder Surgery Goes Wrong

Gallbladder surgeries are often performed using laparoscopic techniques. These techniques involve smaller incisions that minimize scars and often lead to faster recovery. Unfortunately, the limitations of laparoscopic surgery can also lead to otherwise preventable complications, particularly when an inexperienced surgeon is performing the operation.

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During a laparoscopic surgery, a surgeon makes very small incisions and uses a small camera to view the patient's internal organs. The surgeon then performs the operation based on what is seen through the camera. During gallbladder surgery in particular, this can lead to certain types of injuries. For example:

  • Tears caused by the insertion of instruments
  • Improper identification of arteries, ducts and organs
  • Clipping or nicking the hepatic duct, bile duct or cystic duct
  • Lacerating the bowel or intestine, leading to bile leaks, peritonitis, infections or abscesses

These injuries are quite serious and in some cases can be fatal. Make sure to work with our experienced team of lawyers if you or a loved one has suffered because of negligence during gallbladder surgery.

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