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Negligence in birth injury cases

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Texas parents can seek legal recourse if injuries or other forms of medical malpractice occur during the birth of a child. It’s important to note that negligence may not be restricted to medical doctors. Other medical personnel and entities, including nurses, health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, anesthesiologists and more, might be held liable for what occurred during the birth.

Hospitals, which can be public or private corporations, may be sued directly to be held financially liable for their medical negligence. They could also be considered vicariously liable for the negligence enacted by their employees.

When hiring medical staff, such as licensed physicians, physician’s assistants and nurses, hospitals have a duty to conduct reasonable research into the education, training and licensing of the applicants. Hospitals that fail to do their due diligence may be held liable under corporate negligence. This could include providing negligent supervision or retention if a member of the staff harms a patient in some manner while providing medical care.

Another duty of hospitals is to make sure that there are enough registered nurses on duty so that patients are able to receive quality care. Medical centers that do not staff a sufficient number of registered nurses may be held liable for patient injuries that were caused by a shortage of nurses.

Clinics can also be sued for not protecting patients from injury and failing to maintain accurate medical records. Furthermore, patients can sue a hospital if they are admitted and discharged incorrectly.

A medical malpractice attorney may consider the factors of a client’s case and advise which parties should be pursued for financial damages. Hospital facilities and medical personnel can be sued for birth injuries and other complications that arise during a procedure. The attorney could review the medical records of a client and conduct an in-depth investigation.

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