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Why complications happen during a delivery

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Birth Injuries

Typically, a baby born in Texas is delivered without any major complications. However, there are times when a medical professional may need to intervene to ensure that delivery can be completed successfully. Intervention may be needed if the baby is larger than average, or there are issues with the umbilical cord. It may also be needed if the birth occurs too early.

There are several factors that could increase the risk that delivery could have complications. For instance, if the mother is over 40 years of age or is a smoker, there is a greater chance that a baby will need assistance to be delivered safely. Women who have had risky pregnancies or births in the past could be more likely to need assistance when delivering their current baby. If intervention is not provided soon enough, the baby could experience negative consequences.

These consequences could include autism, ADHD or brain damage. A child may also experience physical issues that may resolve themselves over time. In extreme cases, a child could die if he or she doesn’t receive proper assistance during delivery. In some cases, a machine used for resuscitating a baby is to blame for any failure to provide proper care. Improper techniques or poorly trained medical professionals may also cause a failure to provide timely care.

Babies who sustain birth injuries may face significant challenges as they get older. Parents of these children may be able to take legal action against a medical provider who failed to act to possibly prevent an injury from occurring. If successful, a parent may obtain compensation to make up for his or her child’s medical bills or lost future earnings. An attorney may help collect evidence or otherwise assist a family.

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