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How can you emotionally recover following an amputation?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Amputation changes your life. Not only do you have to relearn how to function physically, but the emotional loss can also feel devastating. You may expect to learn to cope physically, but your emotionally recover should take an equal priority.

According to WebMD, losing a limb can change how you see yourself and may feel similar to losing a person.

Allow yourself to grieve

Experiencing grief after amputation is normal. Accept how you feel about the loss to begin the grieving process. When you let yourself go through the emotional process, it may feel easier to eventually let go of your grief. Understand that grief may last for a long time. Make a plan to cope with any depression you feel following the amputation. Speak to support groups or mental health providers about your experience.

Create a routine

Most people thrive with a sense of routine. Try to plan how you want your days to go and what may keep you motivated. You do not want to spend your time idle because you may feel trapped. Instead, seek out new hobbies and spend time with loved ones.

You can develop a positive sense of purpose when you have a routine. Think about the progress you made in recovery and allow yourself to feel pride in your achievements.

After amputation, you should still set goals for yourself. If you had to change careers due to the procedure, think about your prospects and set up a path for your success. Thinking about your goals allows you to feel a sense of purpose.

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