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How can negligence lead to birth injuries?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Birth Injuries

As you give birth, you may find that medical professionals around you end up taking action in ways that lead to injuries for you or your baby.

Whether you are dealing with internal bleeding or damage to your abdomen, birth injuries can seriously impact your health. Realizing the impact of negligence is essential when you are trying to determine the source of your injuries.

Rushing through the procedure

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a doctor or professional who is trying to rush through the procedure or becomes distracted by other tasks during your birth can make mistakes. A doctor or nurse may not give you the correct drugs or neglect to give you any drugs at all.

Failing to check for further problems

Some of the complications occurring in the time after the delivery can include internal bleeding or damage to your baby’s nerves. These health complications may not be obvious at first, which can lead to doctors or medical professionals neglecting to treat you or your baby as your labor continues.

If your baby suffers from a lack of oxygen during birth, it may leave them with lasting brain injuries.

Choosing the wrong tools

Guiding your baby’s head out of the birth canal takes diligence and total attention. You may notice a doctor misusing forceps or other tools during this time, which can lead to tears and rips in your uterus or birth canal.

Choosing to delay a Cesarian section surgery for too long can also be a sign of negligence during a risky delivery. Birth injuries can seriously change your life, which means recognizing the source of them is important.

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