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How can misinterpreting tests create a serious health problem?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When you talk to a medical professional about your issues, their first diagnosis may not always be the best one. Sometimes, it may not be accurate at all.

Struggling with the consequences of medical malpractice can leave you with worsening health and even more severe physical problems than before your doctor’s office visit. One major way doctors can give you a mistaken diagnosis is when they misread or misinterpret the medical tests you take.

Not taking time to double check

According to the AARP, a doctor ignoring or misunderstanding even one small detail of an x-ray can lead to you missing the opportunity to get timely care for a serious illness. When an MRI scan comes back, you are typically dependent on the doctor for their interpretation of what health problems you may have.

If this medical professional neglects to check to make sure their interpretation is right, then you may miss out on getting additional important tests as well. Sensitive issues like internal bleeding after an accident can also become exponentially more serious as time goes on if they are not caught immediately.

Not taking the right next steps

Certain medications can interact poorly with other prescriptions or physical problems you have. Additionally, when a doctor gives you an incorrect diagnosis, you run the risk of suffering more if you attempt to get treatment for an issue you do not have.

If your doctor insists they are correct, you may feel discouraged from getting a second opinion. The confusion and pain associated with medical malpractice can start when a doctor misinterprets important medical tests.

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