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Fractured and broken bones in infants

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Birth Injuries

In Texas and across the US, it is not uncommon for babies to incur broken or fractured bones during the delivery process. While these injuries are usually not life-threatening, they do require the proper treatment, or they will lead to permanent issues. Symptoms of infant broken bones include swelling, inability to move the broken limb and continual crying. Symptoms of infant fractures include the above as well as redness, bruising and deformity.

Clavicle fractures are the most common form of infant fracture. The affected side of the shoulder may seem to droop, and a lump may appear several weeks after the injury. Both fractures and broken bones can usually be prevented through diligent care during labor and delivery. A stressful birth is often behind these injuries.

For example, some babies may be unable to pass through the cervix because they’re too small. In other cases, the delivery may be normal, but the physician may injure the baby with birth-assisting tools or pull improperly. Even when there is no fetal or maternal distress, bones may be broken through the actions of inexperienced medical staff.

Immediate medical attention is always recommended, especially when the end of a bone is broken. Surgery is only required in extreme situations. Most of the time, the injuries are treated by casts or splints, medication, traction or closed reduction.

People who believe their baby was injured through the negligence of the doctors or nurses may want to see a lawyer who is experienced with handling birth injuries. They may have good grounds for a claim. If they do, they may be able to receive damages covering the medical expenses, emotional trauma and other losses. It must be shown that the doctors or nurses failed to live up to an objective standard of medical care before the case can proceed.

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