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Birth injuries from drug-related negligence

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Birth Injuries

Texas parents who have a child with a condition stemming from a birth injury may wonder if they were negligent in any way. Actually, many birth injuries are the fault of the health care providers, and they are frequently drug-related. Perhaps the wrong drug is administered, or the wrong dosage or the right dosage at the wrong time.

Anesthesia-related negligence is one example. A pregnant mother may undergo surgery in an emergency, or she might undergo a C-section. In either case, the anesthesiologist is responsible for giving the right kind of anesthesia in the right dosage.

During labor, the mother may have Oxytocin administered to her, but it can be harmful in the wrong dosage. The same goes for an experimental drug named Cytotec, also known as Pitocin. Though not approved by the FDA, some doctors and nurses continue to use it for its ability to help promote labor.

Another drug that can cause birth injury is the epidural, a popular pain reliever. Babies are two to six times more likely to develop a high fever if born after the mother has an epidural. Meanwhile, mothers raise their risk for back problems, severe headaches, low blood pressure and even permanent nerve damage.

Lastly, some medications are administered by machines, which can malfunction. In such cases, though, doctors will still be held responsible for injuries.

Parents might be able to file a birth injury claim if their baby was harmed through drug-related negligence. It may be that the baby has developed a permanent condition requiring life-long medical care. A lawyer, with the help of third parties, could determine a reasonable amount in damages and then negotiate for it. If the other side does not agree to the amount, parents may then discuss the litigation process with their lawyer.

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