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Forceps delivery may injure the baby and the mother

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Birth Injuries

The use of forceps during delivery can result in injuries both to the baby and to the mother. Texas residents should know that while most of the injuries are minor, others can be serious. The minor injuries include bruising and scratches around the baby’s face and head. On the other hand, a deep cut may lead to infection. If the mother is HIV-positive, the baby will risk contracting the infection.

The pressure of the forceps may damage the facial nerve, causing facial paralysis. This paralysis is usually temporary and mild, but there are cases when it may necessitate surgery and remain a permanent disability.

The forceps may damage the skull although this is rare. If the baby’s skull cracks, it could result in hemorrhaging in the brain and, with it, permanent brain damage. The head may separate from the spine, too.

Potential injuries to the mother are numerous and can include bruising to the pelvic floor muscles. This, in turn, often leads to urinary incontinence. Forceps may also cause a perforation in the walls separating the bladder or rectum from the vagina. Along with the risk of incontinence comes the risk of infection.

If the doctors use the forceps in a forceful manner, they may be accused of failing to live up to a proper standard of medical care. In other words, forceps-related injuries may be the result of malpractice, in which case parents may have grounds for a birth injury case.

This is where legal representation may be beneficial. A lawyer might hire investigators and medical experts to look into the matter, gather evidence and show how extensive the injuries are. With their help, the lawyer may determine a fair amount for a settlement if the other side is willing to negotiate.

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