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Shoulder dystocia and its effect on birth trauma

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Birth Injuries

While in labor, some Texas mothers may experience a condition known as shoulder dystocia. This condition is a type of birth trauma that occurs when the baby’s shoulders become stuck inside the mother’s pelvis during delivery. It could cause problems for both the mother and child, which is why it is important to identify it right away.

Some women are more susceptible than others to shoulder dystocia. For example, ladies with gestational diabetes have a higher risk. Women who have previously delivered children with birth injuries, including those related to shoulder dystocia, are at a higher risk too.Likewise, moms carrying larger children who weigh over 8 pounds are more likely to encounter should dystocia during labor and delivery.

Babies may sometimes experience fractured collarbones or shoulders as a result of getting stuck. They can also suffer damage to the brachial plexus nerve, leading to paralysis or permanent injury. In more serious cases, asphyxiation may occur. This could result in brain damage or even death.

The risks associated with shoulder dystocia can often be mitigated by identifying at-risk women during their pregnancies. This can allow doctors to adjust the birthing plan to include a c-section if necessary. Swift action is also required in the delivery room when physicians observe a case of shoulder dystocia in progress.

A mother who experienced shoulder dystocia during labor and subsequently delivered an injured child may want to take legal action. A personal injury attorney who is familiar with birth trauma could provide valuable guidance. After evaluating a case, a lawyer could recommend a course of action.

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