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How ultrasounds find ectopic pregnancies

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Birth Injuries

An ectopic pregnancy, otherwise known as a tubal pregnancy, can be a life-threatening health risk for mother if the problem is not caught in time. Many of these types of pregnancies in Texas aren’t diagnosed until the mother goes to the emergency room, but ultrasounds can be used to detect the problem earlier. Early symptoms of the problem can include bleeding or cramping although these symptoms can also occur in normal pregnancies.

One way to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy is to measure the hCG levels. In a normal pregnancy, doctors would expect hCG to double every two to three days. If the levels are rising slower than this rate, there may be an issue. Slowly rising hCG levels on their own, however, do not automatically indicate an ectopic pregnancy, so other tests will need to be conducted.

The second test a physician might perform is an ultrasound. If this test shows a gestational sac growing in the uterus, then the doctor can likely rule out the possibility of tubal pregnancy. When an ectopic pregnancy is detected without any sign of rupture, a medication called methotrexate may be prescribed. A doctor may also suggest to let the pregnancy end naturally if they feel it is safe to do so.

When a baby suffers from birth injuries as the result of a misdiagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, the family may be able to get compensation for the damages. A lawyer might help a mother or family decide whether pursuing legal action is in their best interests. Many doctors and medical providers have malpractice insurance to cover situations like this, but arguing the matter in court may be necessary in some cases.

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