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How can medical errors lead to cerebral palsy in children?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Birth Injuries

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Sadly, babies suffer birth injuries often in Texas and throughout the United States. Sometimes, those injuries occur as a result of a medical mistake made by a doctor or other healthcare professional. Some babies can suffer from cerebral palsy, which is a lifelong condition that can significantly impact their lives.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological medical condition that is often caused by a medical error. Birth injuries can lead to the development of the condition. Children who have cerebral palsy may have a variety of symptoms that can range from mild to severe. However, even in mild cases, they require lifelong medical care and treatment. Children with cerebral palsy often face certain limitations as well.

What causes cerebral palsy in children?

Cerebral palsy is a permanent medical condition that is characterized by stiff muscles, poor muscular control and difficulty walking. Individuals with the condition may also exhibit jerky, abnormal movements. Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage. Medical mistakes made during delivery or right after the birth can lead to birth injuries that can be debilitating. Children with cerebral palsy often need a wide range of assistance.

Some people who have cerebral palsy may need assistance getting around. However, it varies by person. While some may need a wheelchair, others may need crutches or a can. Meanwhile, other people may not need assistive devices at all.

How can medical errors lead to cerebral palsy?

Sometimes, a baby can be born with cerebral palsy without a doctor causing it. However, the condition is often preventable and medical errors can lead to birth injuries. For example, if the mother and baby are not adequately monitored during the delivery or the doctor doesn’t act quickly enough when the baby is clearly in distress during labor, it can lead to the baby suffering brain damage and potentially developing cerebral palsy.

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