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Did you suffer from a uterine rupture?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Birth Injuries

Though healthcare these days makes giving birth safer than it has ever historically been, this does not mean that no chance for complications exists.

A uterine rupture is one potential complication, and it requires immediate medical attention and treatment in order to prevent a worse medical outcome.

What is a uterine rupture?

WebMD discusses uterine ruptures and what they mean for a person. In essence, uterine ruptures occur because the tissue of the uterus is quite soft and flexible. It expands during pregnancy and contracts after birth, most times without causing issues to the mother.

However, in some cases, the tissue cannot expand to the appropriate size to accommodate the baby. The size of the baby versus the size of the uterus may cause such issues to occur. Previous surgeries, physical trauma and genetic issues may also contribute to the risk.

Signs of a uterine rupture

The mother may experience serious and sudden vaginal bleeding along with significant pain if they have a uterine rupture. Medical staff might detect fetal distress, but contractions may continue. Fetal distress can include diminished heartbeat, which poses a serious risk to the health of the baby.

After a uterine rupture, it is important for the birth to happen as fast as possible. The baby might need care for any injuries or issues that happened due to the rupture. The rupture site may also need suturing or stitches.

After birth, the mother may receive pain medication to help with any feelings of pain or discomfort. Both mother and child will need medical attention to ensure that infection, blood loss and other issues do not cause lasting damage.

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